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  • liquid hand soap, shaving gel, cosmetics, shaving cream, roll-on deodorant, after shave balsam, hair care products, baby care products, baby diapers, wet wipes, hair styling mousse, foot spray, shaving foam, aerosol product, household cleaning products, cleansing and hygiene products, antiseptic disinfectant liquid, liquid laundry detergent, softener, dishwashing liquid, multi-purpose cleaners, surface and wood floors cleaner, sink unblocker, drain unblocker, limescale remover
    Established in Istanbul - Turkey in 2002, AKDENIZ DIS TICARET GIDA SAN. LTD. STI. is a leading manufacturer and exporter company professionalised in a wide range portfolio from
    Telephone: +90 216 306 36 01 Address: Uğurmumcu Mah., Safahat Cad., 11 A Blok No: 141, Kartal, İstanbul, Turkey
  • disinfectant, pharmaceutical, medicine, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, medical instruments, disinfection, antiseptic, hand disinfection, chlorhexidine gluconate, medical products, disinfectant products, disinfectants, hygienic products, hygienics, pool systems, chlorine free pool systems, swimming pool systems, chlorine free swimming pool systems, chlorine free lake systems, chlorine free pond systems, chlorine free ornamental pool systems, chlorine free decorative pool system, babgencel, hand disinfectant
    Kuzey is the leading disinfectant manufacturer company in Turkey dedicated to R&D , manufacturing, marketing and distribution of new technologies servicing the hygienic world
    Telephone: +90 312 256 66 96 Address: Ergazi Mah., Gersan San. Sitesi 2310 Sok. No: 47, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Türkiye
  • medical, healthcare, disinfectant, antiseptic, sanitizer, shampoo, scabies lotion, lice shampoo, talk powder, pharmaceutical, povidone iodine, betadine, personal care, alcohol, ethyl alcohol, permethrin, veterinary, hoof care, cosmetic, baby shampoo, cream, baby lotion, glycerine, disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen mask, oil, nebulizer mask, vaseline, vicks, gel, zinc oxide, nail brush, surgical, lozenges, strepsils, dettol, repellent, off, sodium bicarbonate, vaginal soap, bandage, cotton
    Tosel was established as a solution partner in disinfection area to our esteemed medical personnel whose aim is to serve for human health and to make people healthier, in order to
    Telephone: +90 312 394 47 33 Address: İvedik OSB Ağaç İşleri Sn. Sit. 1377 Sk. no: 42, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • antiseptic, disinfection, hygiene
    Telephone: 2127715621 Address: Atatürk Sanayi Bölgesi Alparslan Cad. İstasyon Mah. No:9 Hadımköy, Turkey
  • cold sterilization products, hygienic hand antisepsis products, instrument disinfection products, mooncid air, mooncid doormat, mooncid sprey, mooncid total, surface disinfection products, surgical antiseptic products, surgical care products, surgical instrument cleanliness
    Dear Teacher, I am following your studying about personal hygiene and I appreciate you. I have been disinfector for long years about hospital hygiene. All products in this
    Telephone: 0216 394 8300 Address: Tuzla Organize Deri Sanayi Bölgesi 15. Yol Ve 11 / 2 - C Parsel, Turkey
  • cleaning chemicals, cleaning materials, metal handles, handles, dish towels, dosage pumps, surface cleaning materials, surface cleaning chemicals, cleaning products, cleaning items, kitchen cleaning products, general cleaning products, personal cleaning products, paper products, cleaning papers, cleaning equipments, liquid soaps, hand soaps, soaps, liquid hand soaps, antiseptic soaps, antiseptic hand soaps, disinfectants, hand disinfectants, foam soaps, kitchen hygiene products, laundry hygiene products, personal hygiene products, dosing pumps, cleaning consumable products, bleach, bleacher, laundry bleach, household bleach, dirt remover, stain remover, grill cleaner, glass cleaner, laundry perfume, napkins, paper napkins, paper towels, toilet papers, tissues, toilet rolls, lavatory papers, toilet seat papers, toilet cover papers, cleaning chemical, cleaning material, metal handle, handle, dish towel, dosage pump, surface cleaning material, surface cleaning chemical, cleaning product, cleaning item, kitchen cleaning product, general cleaning product, personal cleaning product, paper product, cleaning paper, cleaning equipment, liquid soap, hand soap, soap, liquid hand soap, antiseptic soap, antiseptic hand soap, disinfectant, hand disinfectant, foam soap, kitchen hygiene product, laundry hygiene product, personal hygiene product, dosing pump, cleaning consumable product, dirt removers, stain removers, grill cleaners, glass cleaners, laundry perfumes, napkin, paper napkin, paper towel, toilet paper, tissue, toilet roll, lavatory paper, toilet seat paper, toilet cover paper
    Gülsan Endüstriyel, is an enterprise committed to serve its partners and the economic cost activities in Turkey market with high professional quality and performance products for
    Telephone: +90 545 226 20 36 Address: Firuzköy Mahallesi, Firuzköy Bulvarı, No:158, Avcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • medical products, medical materials, antiseptics, disinfectants, first aid products, first aid items, first aid materials, antiseptic products, disinfectant products, surface disinfectants, spray disinfectants, hard surface disinfectants, concentrated disinfectants, concentrated hard surface disinfectants, concentrated surface disinfectants, medical equipment disinfectants, endoscope disinfectants, incubator disinfectants, pediatric incubator disinfectants, skin irrigation solutions, enzymatic
    We have been established in 1980 in Istanbul and since than we aimed a continuous improvement in our antiseptics, disinfectants and first aid products. Our products are under
    Telephone: +90 212 771 44 95 Address: Hadımköy Mah. Hamit Kaplan Sk. No: 9 Hadımköy-Arnavutköy - İstanbul, Turkey
  • antiseptic, antiseptic foam, antiseptic liquid soaps, antiseptic solutions, antiseptic wipe, antiseptic wipes, body cream, first aid kit, first aid supplies, gel hand sanitizers, hand sanitizer, isosol, khloreksol, moisturizing body cream, moisturizing hand, mouthwash, ointment, oitment, opakjel, savanol, skin antiseptics, starbaz, surface disinfectant, surface disinfectants, waterless antiseptic gel
    MERKEZ LABORATUARI ILAC SAN. VE TIC. A.S. was founded in 1934 as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies by pharmacist Emin EMAN who was also famed as the pharmacist of
    Telephone: +902164844166 Address: Çalık Mah. Sırrı Çelik Bul. Ayca Sok. No: 6 Tasdelen/Çekmeköy, Turkey
  • medical, antiseptic, iodine, glucose, gel
    NATUREL MEDIKAL is founded by Altaylar and Akkaya families.Their solid business understanding, long established trade and optimistic compatibility, company production technology
    Telephone: +90 212 476 28 68 Address: Beysan Sanayi Sitesi Birlik Cad. Nakipoglu Is Merkezi No: 12 Kat 1, Turkey
  • powder detergent, detergent, tide, omo, high foam, cleaning products, matic, 7 active, 12 active, 15 active, dishwashing liquid, softener, soap, shampoo, surface cleaner, bulk, bleach, window cleaner, antiseptic disinfectant, scouring powder, hydrocloric acid, solvent, air freshness, laundry detergent, home care, detergent supplier, private label detergent, conditioner, multipurposal cleaning, cleaning, household
    Beyaz Kağıt founded in Adana Organized Industrial Zone is a production plant on total 56.000 m2 area of which 40.000 m2 is indoor. Our factory takes place amongst Turkey’s top 5
    Telephone: +90 322 394 43 95 / +90 322 394 41 11 Address: Hacı Sabancı OSB., Anavarza Cd., No: 3/A, Sarıçam, Adana, TURKEY
  • carry bag, thermogel compress, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic solution, ultrasound gel, wet wipes, garbage bag, hair gel-wax, breast milk storage bag, whitening cream, nonwoven handbag, plastic carry bag, plastic handbag, non woven carry bag, eck gel, nonwoven fabric, pet preform
    Our firm established in 2009 under the name of VERAGLOBAL has started its studies in order to provide services in the field of health, medical and industrial products for
    Telephone: Tel: 0090212 801 9571 Cell: 0090 530 765 7300 Address: Maltepe Mah., Gümüşsuyu Cad., Odin İş Merkezi, No: 28/124, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • dialyser, hemodialysis device, hemodialysis consumables, germicidal, antiseptic, disinfectants, medical instrument, medical instrument, reserve osmosis systems, filtration systems, ultraviolet systems
    Telephone: 90 2423242691 Address: MEYDANKAVAĞI MAH.1604 SOK.NO:5/A, MURATPAŞA, ANTALYA
  • antiseptic products, biodical products, medical consumables, medical disposables, medical equipments, medical product, medical products, medical supplies, radiology materials, radiology products
    MAYASET MEDIKAL ITH. IHR. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. was established in Ankara. Operating in medical industry with its professional staff, company aims to meet all kinds of requirements
    Telephone: +90 312 431 70 47 Address: Adakale Sok., No: 25/61, 06410, Kizilay, Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey
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